Tools and Equipment

Contractor tools including:

Shovels, rakes, asphalt lutes, hammers, sledge hammers, sprayers, brooms, brushes, caulk guns, chisels, measuring tapes, gas cans, hoses and accessories, etc

Mason  tools including:

Trowels, jointers, tuckpointers, rub bricks, brick tongs, screeds, lutes, kumalongs, bull floats, mortar pans, mortar stands, mixing tubs, rawhide mallets, stone hammers, carbide tools, carbide drill bits, wedges and shims for stone, mortar hoes, stone carts, etc

Landscape tools including:

Rakes, wheelbarrows. wheelbarrow tires, tree carts, weed stop fabric etc


Carbide-tipped tools are used by professional  stone masons. These specialized tools have a carbide tip that is forged  based on the intended tool use, be it splitting, trimming, shaping, or general material removal. Carbide is extremely durable.  With proper care and maintenance, carbide-tipped stone working tools provide superior performance and durability.

We carry Trow & Holden and Micon Carbide hand tools as well as tempered stone hammers and carbide stone hammers.