Rumford Fireplace

Rumford fireplace components are engineered to ensure the critical ratios required in their construction including depth to width, throat to fireplace opening, smoke chamber and flue size. They assist in producing a fireplace that will be efficient and draw well.

Stocked items include Centered and Offset Smoke Chambers, Throats, 12″ Throat Tiles, Coving supports for throat tiles, and dampers.

The builder or mason follow the instructions that come with the components to guarantee quality, save time and ensure the correct Rumford design.

Instructions & Plans

Rumford Flat Damper

These flat dampers are designed specifically for the Superior Clay Rumford Throat.

Available in 2 sizes, small damper (9×24) fit 30″ and 36″ throats and large damper (9×30) fit 42″ and 48″ throats.